Training & Workshops

Our programs target a 10X or higher return on investment


Give your teams the skills they need to be the best with our progressing suite of training programs and workshops. Our programs build a foundation for long term success by giving people a common set of concepts and frameworks and teaching them to apply them in any situation.  These tools include:

  • • Techniques used by top performing companies
  • • High performance cultures able to focus on the product instead of the process
  • • Custom-tailored programs suited to fit specific business models

What is this training type? What is the commonality?

Our developmental training programs provide the concepts, then teach people how to apply them. We look at the science, tie it to the systems, then guide the trainees though applying the concepts. This approach builds a deep understanding that allows people to adapt to changing environments. Employing the same process in an organization creates ownership and spawns innovation. As more and more companies adopt this type of approach, companies using traditional, single solution, “if this then that” scripted methods won’t be able to compete.  These concepts include:

  • • Individual and team training
  • • Management and Leadership training
  • • Organizational structure, process, cohesiveness, process, framework training
  • • High performance, results oriented, practical, alternative, cutting edge, customized
  • • People skills and personal interactions
  • • Culture for a world view approach
  • • Business enlightenment
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Current Training Programs
Management and Leadership Workshop

Duration: 1 day

Primary Audience: Executives, managers and individuals interested in developing leadership skills


The world is changing and our jobs are shifting to a higher percentage of knowledge work every day. But, most companies and individuals still employ techniques that were developed as part of the industrial revolution. In today’s environment, a different set of tools is required to surpass the competition.


The goal of this workshop is to provide attendees with tools and techniques to increase happiness, motivation, productivity and product quality. In this workshop, we discuss the science and practical implementations of human behavioral principles as they apply to business.

Happiness and Productivity Workshop

Duration: Half day

Primary Audience: Everybody


Studies have shown that happiness expands the mind’s capabilities and improves results. The Happiness workshop focuses on practical ways to increase happiness at work. Most of the methods can be implemented at the team or individual level which makes this an excellent workshop for anybody looking to improve their happiness level in their work and personal life.

SCRUM Training (non-certified)

Duration: 2 days

Primary Audience: Teams, managers and executives interested in implementing Scrum or improving an implementation


One of the key factors in a successful Agile implantation is building momentum from the start. As with any change initiative, if the results are not quickly evident, people tend to revert back to old habits. In order to build that momentum, it is important that everybody is on the same page. This training program provides a solid foundation and common basis for implementing Scrum or improving an existing implementation.


About Our Trainers:
– Received their training from a co-creator of Scrum
– Implement Scrum with over 250% velocity increases in under 6 months


Our program covers everything you need to know to get started with Scrum:
– History of Scrum and Agile
– Overview of Agile
– Scrum rules
– Discussion on Agile tools
– Additional sources of information
– Advice for a successful implementation

Scrum Refresher Workshop

Duration: Half Day or Full Day
Primary Audience: Any team or manager already using Scrum or SAFe


Scrum is simple on the surface but takes time and effort to master and it is impossible to absorb everything from a single training session. Even if your organization has a good handle on Scrum, there may be some that don’t and running through a refresher can be a good motivational tool and help to identify areas for improvement. This session includes:


– A brief refresher on the rules with focus on those commonly not followed
– Discussion on issues in your organization and potential solutions
– An outside look at your implementation with objective feedback

Multi-Framework Agile Training (Non-certified)

Duration: 3 days

Primary Audience: Anybody considering implementing an Agile framework


Includes an overview of Agile as well as many of the major frameworks including Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Scrumban and XP. In this workshop we will cover the general rules of each framework as well as the pros and cons of each so that teams or organizations can select and adopt the appropriate framework for their environment.